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I'm Feufochmar and this is my personal website.

About myself

I'm a ghost haunting the Internet maze, and I like to write code and play video games.
You can usually find me on :

About this website

This website contains various generators I wrote over the time as well as personal notes on various subjects. While many generators are executed server-side, some are executed client-side and thus require Javascript.


This website is named after the french name of my preferred Pokémon. There is no relation between this website and the companies making and managing that franchise.


This website does not offer cookies. If you are looking for those, you're not at the right place.

Personal Data

IP addresses are logged automatically by the server when you visit those pages. Those logs are kept a few weeks for maintenance purpose. No other personal data are stored nor processed.

Other informations

Please contact me at contact (at) feuforeve (dot) fr if you need other informations about this website.